Kaitlin Fink


My name is Kaitlin and I am an MSW student at Wayne State University.  My specific focus is on community planning and social action. This is my first semester at Oakland Family Services and I have already learned an extraordinary amount of information. All of my activities are directly related to my classes.  I am honored to be an intern at an agency with such great staff, a wonderful field instructor, and the learning opportunities applicable to my major.
Kaitlin, BSW, MSW Intern


As an intern in the Behavioral Health department at Oakland Family Services, I have been given the opportunity to further develop my therapeutic skills in both individual and group counseling settings. I am excited to be currently building a small caseload of individual clients.  I have observed group sessions and will co-facilitate a group shortly. Everyone at Oakland Family Services has been incredibly welcoming and eager to answer any questions I have. Bimonthly intern meetings also have provided education on several important topics including grant writing and Employee Assistance Services.  My experience at Oakland Family Services has been very positive all around.   
Kellie, BA, MSW intern


Kellie Crites


Erika Alexander


Having the opportunity to complete an internship at Oakland Family Services was highly rewarding. I was given the chance to work directly with a diverse population of individuals seeking mental health and substance abuse treatment. Under the guidance of a field instructor with many years of experience, I gained hands-on experience working with adults and children and implemented the skills I had gained throughout graduate school. I was also pleased to be able to learn more about the diverse services the agency provides as a whole.
Erika, LPC   


Our past CEO, Michael Earl was an intern at Oakland Family Services from September 1979 to June 1980.  Michael retired from his position in 2013 after 32 years of service at OFS.



Ellen Cushing

My internship experience at Oakland Family Services was very rewarding. Not only did it provide me with a great deal of the clinical experience that I was seeking, but it also allowed for many opportunities to network with and belong to a great team. Although my role as an intern was specific to the Behavioral Health program, I had limitless opportunities to meet, learn, and share experiences with staff across all areas of the agency. I have been fortunate enough to continue my Oakland Family Services experience as a clinician at the Walled Lake office, where I continue to use and build upon the knowledge and skills gained from my internship with another GREAT team every day!   
Ellen, LLMSW


I started with Oakland Family Services as an intern in 1994 at the Berkley office. The opportunity for learning was enormous.  The range of clients and issues was extensive. The agency provided a very nurturing and rich learning environment and staff therapists were always helpful, enthusiastic and ready to share their wisdom. It was a great start, and I have much to thank the agency for.  
Jacqueline, LPC, LLP


Jackie Blake


Janet Nelson


I decided to go back to college at age 40. Big decision accompanied by big fears. In my internship at Oakland Family Services, I was exposed to a variety of clinicians and staff. I gained experience and skills from each of them. I was able to observe the theories and skill sets described in the social work literature. I know that I had made the right decision to become a social worker. I was able to gather skills and then hone those skills. Oakland Family Services is an organization with values and a vision that mirror my own. Now, as a staff member, I am supervising a program that is providing case management services for substance dependent clients involved with the criminal justice system.  I made a very good decision when I decided to go back to college and also when I chose to do my internship at Oakland Family Services.
Janet, LMSW