Oakland Family Services and Day One celebrate Children's Mental Health Awareness Day

Oakland Family Services and Day One employees showed how “we all fit in” as part of Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day. Staff at all of Oakland Family Services' locations wore Children’s Mental Health Matters T-shirts May 10 to raise awareness about the importance of children’s mental health. The lobbies were decorated with puzzle pieces representing the day's theme of “We All Fit In,” and many employees decorated their doors.

"Oakland Family Services celebrates Children's Mental Health Awareness Week as a way to bring focus to the unique mental health challenges experienced by our youth, to combat the stigma surrounding mental health issues and to remind people that help is available," said Debbie Smith, director of Specialized Services for Youth at Oakland Family Services.

Oakland Family Services provides therapy and psychiatric services to children and adolescents who are currently experiencing behavioral or emotional challenges, including problems in school, difficulty with family relationships, substance use issues, symptoms of anxiety or depression, or reactions to traumatic experiences. 

If your child needs the help that Oakland Family Services and Day One provide, call us at (248) 858-7766.