Make a difference this holiday season by donating to our Thanksgiving food drive


Oakland Family Services is looking for donations to help ensure our clients and their families have an enjoyable Thanksgiving meal.

The agency needs 100, 18-gallon tubs to place canned goods, turkeys and all of the other items that go along with providing a meal to 100 families. In the past, the tubs have cost the agency $900.

Cash donations are appreciated and can easily be made online. You can provide an entire meal for a family of four, including the tub, for $55; 25 cans of vegetables for $25; and a 12-15-pound turkey for $15. You also can donate another amount of money. Donations go toward the $2,000 typically spent on items not received from donations.

“Our Thanksgiving donations relieve the burden of stress for families facing financial difficulties by providing a holiday meal,” said Valerie Mercadante, development and engagement coordinator. “It will give them a chance to spend time together and bond as a family.”

This holiday season Oakland Family Services is partnering with local businesses to conduct donation drives for cans of corn, green beans, yams or cranberry sauce. The agency will supply businesses with a collection box, create flyers, promote the donation drive on social media and pick up the food at the end of the drive.

To get involved or gather more information, contact Valerie at (248) 858-7766 ext. 1218 or