Preschoolers show off their creative dance movements with Take Root at the Flagstar Strand Theatre

Some reached toward the sky, others crawled like animals, and then there were those who just preferred to strike a pose.

Our preschoolers showed off their creative dance movements as part of a special performance Feb. 13 at the Flagstar Strand Theatre in Pontiac with Take Root, a contemporary dance company-in-residence at Oakland University.

Since September, Take Root has been teaching creative movement to about 50 preschoolers at the Children’s Learning Center in Pontiac.

“We have been teaching creative movement, problem solving and creating games through dance,” Oakland University Dance Associate Professor Thayer Jonutz told the audience. “What you see tonight might be a little chaotic, but it will be fun!”

Fun, indeed. Flashes went off as parents took photos of the children, who didn’t seem to be intimidated by the large stage, and some audience members even stood up during the performance to show off their dance moves!

Many thanks to Take Root for providing this amazing educational opportunity for our preschoolers!