Make the holidays magical this year for children in need through Oakland Family Services' Adopt-A-Family program

Last year, Oakland Family Services helped more than 230 families have a memorable holiday.

Last year, Oakland Family Services helped more than 230 families have a memorable holiday.

Are you looking for a way to put a smile on a child’s face during the holidays? Sign up to be part of Oakland Family Services’ Adopt-A-Family program!

We are looking for individuals and businesses to sponsor families who otherwise would not have gifts and necessities this holiday season. The families who come to Oakland Family Services often are experiencing a whole host of challenges, of which lack of income is just one. Oakland Family Services addresses the needs we can, but we need your help to make the holidays brighter for the families we serve. Here are a few of their circumstances: 

  • A single dad is unable to maintain full-time employment due to on-going, severe health issues. His 12-year-old son has shown symptoms of having the same health issue as well. The boy is receiving treatment for depression and anxiety through the agency’s Specialized Services for Youth program.
  • A child was removed from his home after it was deemed unfit for habitation and was placed in foster care through Oakland Family Services. The boy’s teenage parents couldn't handle the magnitude of health care he required, and they missed many of his medical and surgical appointments. Since his placement in foster care, he has had all the necessary surgeries needed, with more to come.
  • A family is residing with extended family due to limited finances and the parents struggling to find stable employment. Their 13-year-old daughter has struggled with self-harm and thoughts of suicide but is making progress in treatment.
  • A mom recently was laid off from her job after taking an extended period of time off to take care of her premature baby. The father currently is unemployed. The family receives assistance with food and housing, but it isn’t enough to make ends meet. Their 4-year-old son is enrolled in the agency’s free preschool program. 

Oakland Family Services is seeking individuals and businesses who will help give our clients a memorable holiday. After signing up to adopt a family, you will receive a list that could include basic household items like toilet paper and cleaning supplies, as well as a wish list for each family member.

The agency requests that new items be purchased. You would then wrap and label packages before dropping them off between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Dec. 4-6 at Oakland Family Services’ Pontiac office.

Last year, Oakland Family Services helped more than 230 families experience a joyful holiday they otherwise would not have experienced. This year, Oakland Family Services has more families in need than we do individuals or businesses who have committed to participate in the program. We are in need of your assistance so families -- and especially children -- are not deprived of the magic of the holidays. 

“It’s a way to become personally involved in the life of a family in need,” said Valerie Mercadante, development and engagement coordinator at Oakland Family Services. “Months after the program ends, I hear from those who donated, wanting to know how their family is doing. Participating in this program has a lasting and meaningful impact on children and families.”

For more information, contact Valerie at or (248) 858-7766, ext. 1218.