PRISM leads moms to recovery

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Project Recovery Intensive Services for Mothers (PRISM) is more than just a counseling program for people fighting addiction. It’s a program that joins women with common interests and goals and helps them overcome obstacles to living a healthy lifestyle and raising a family.

For one client, PRISM not only addressed her substance use issues but also helped her to find her inner strength.

“I like this program because I have other people to talk to and shoulders to cry on,” she explained. “It also gives me a chance to really express myself, my feelings. I look forward to coming here. It’s really helping me complete my goals.”

PRISM’s caring staff is a big reason why this mom said she is on her road to recovery.

“I want to give thanks to my counselor and our one-on-one sessions,” she said. “She’s a huge inspiration by talking to me and really bringing my inner self out. I’m really finding that person who was lost while using drugs. I give all thanks to her; she’s an understanding, young lady. I feel as though she truly understands me, and she is guiding me along my journey to recovery. I’m learning not to allow other people’s problems affect me, and I’m starting to put my foot down and set boundaries. I’m learning that I come first.”

Another client described PRISM as a program where she felt welcome.

“The group sessions made me feel not alone,” she said. “I learned a lot from the therapist along with other women in the program. The tools that I learned have helped me deal with problems in my life the right way. The program has helped me build my confidence to be a great mother and the person I was meant to be.”

Mothers with substance use disorders are best supported by a continuum of care encompassing substance use therapy and education, coping skills to manage mental health symptoms, parenting skills support, trauma-informed treatment for survivors of abuse and neglect, and educational and vocational resources. Participants in PRISM, part of Day One at Oakland Family Services, report an increase in self-esteem, as well as a greater ability to engage in rewarding relationships.

For more information, contact the PRISM program at (248) 858-7766, ext. 1342.