You can help provide hope and healing this #GivingTuesday


This #GivingTuesday, you can help provide hope and healing for the clients of Day One, a program of Oakland Family Services. 

Imagine walking into a doctor’s office and seeing worn and outdated furniture. Would you feel comfortable there?

When clients -- people who are struggling with depression, anxiety, family trauma and alcohol and drug issues -- come to Day One, that’s the type of atmosphere they encounter in their therapist’s office and it's one the agency wants to change.

But we need your help on Tuesday, Nov. 28.

“When someone comes to our office they will immediately notice our torn fabric and the mismatched chairs,” said Amanda Barbosa, clinician at Day One. “When people come here for therapy, they want to feel warm, safe and comfortable so they can open up about their personal experiences.  This can be very difficult to achieve if the couch they are sitting on is not comfortable.”

With your help, Day One can provide the calming environment clients need for therapy and healing. Our goal is to raise $66,500 to update therapists’ office so we can create optimal experiences for both clients and staff.

As a non-profit agency, Oakland Family Services puts the money it receives right back into the high quality services it provides, leaving little funding left for amenities like furniture. For years, the agency has greatly relied on corporate furniture and recycling of pieces for offices. Not only is the furniture different in every office, but pieces in each office are mismatched, couches are threadbare, and chairs are outdated. These rooms do not reflect the respect the agency has for its clients or its staff.

Day One is seeking donations of any size this #GivingTuesday either on our Wall of Love Giving Grid, on GoFundMe or on our Facebook page

The agency will also continue to seek individual and company sponsorships to purchase furniture. Sponsorship levels include one office, $2,000; two offices, $4,000; and five offices, $10,000.

As a way to recognize sponsors, Day One will:

  • Engrave the individual or company’s name on a plaque mounted outside of each office sponsored or on a donor wall in a lobby (for those sponsoring at the five-office level).
  • Publicize involvement on social media and the agency’s website.

For companies, the project also provides a volunteer opportunity for employees, who can assist with assembling the office furniture.

Studies show that a therapeutic environment plays a major role in the likelihood of success in counseling and treatment. A calm and serene therapeutic environment instills confidence in potential and current clients and makes it more likely that they will attend more sessions and have more positive outcomes.

“Setting is a very important part of the therapy experience,” said Ann, a client at Day One. “When you first walk into therapy, often times you feel stressed, you feel nervous. What helps a lot is when you are in a setting that feels calm and serene. Sometimes when things look up to date, they feel more like home, which is definitely a positive part of the therapy experience.”

To make a donation, visit Oakland Family Services’ GoFundMe page, add to our Wall of Love Giving Grid, or make a donation on Facebook or on our website