The first three years of life are critical for brain development and the optimum time for children to develop language skills, muscle coordination and interpersonal skills.


Early On at Oakland Family Services can ensure your child is on track by providing developmental assessments and evaluations for children birth to 3 years old in Oakland County. Areas of development assessed include gross motor (large muscles); fine motor (small muscles); cognitive; speech; self-care (eating and sleeping); emotions; interactions with others; and coping skills.

Parents are encouraged to have their children evaluated. Kids with mild to moderate developmental delays that go undetected are likely to underperform academically. Children experiencing any developmental delay, or those with a diagnosed physical or mental condition which may result in a developmental delay, are eligible for Early On services, at no cost to the family. A developmental specialist will be assigned to your family based on your home location and your local school district. The evaluation will be completed in your home, as we know children are more comfortable in their own surroundings. Parents are always present and participate by answering questions and providing support. A hearing and vision screening also will be completed. For more information about the Early On program, contact our Early Childhood Service Specialist at (248) 858-7766 ext. 1209, or by email at elee@ofsfamily.org or go to the Oakland County School district for more information. You also can complete an assessment online at www.1800earlyon.org.

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Do you have a child who cries a lot or has difficulty sleeping, eating or calming down?


Does your infant or toddler show behavior problems or become easily overstimulated by sounds, sights and activity? Oakland Family Services’ Fussy Baby program may be able to help. The program provides an Infant and Family Specialist who meets with families at their home weekly or biweekly to come up with strategies that will comfort the child and reduce stress for both the baby and parents. All plans for children birth through 4 years old are individualized to meet the different needs of families.

The program, which is funded by The DeRoy Testamentary Fund and Jewish Fund, is provided at no cost to families meeting eligibility requirements. For more information about the Fussy Baby program, contact our Early Childhood Service Specialist at (248) 858-7766 ext. 1209 or email us.

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Parents as Teachers helps young children grow up healthy, safe and ready to learn.


The in-home program, delivered at no cost to parents, helps children at risk for school failure and/or abuse and neglect by involving families with infants, toddlers and young children in activities that encourage growth in language, social and emotional development. Parent educators, who make weekly or biweekly visits, conduct child development screenings and may link families with other agencies that provide necessities, such as food and housing. Parents As Teachers also offers monthly playgroups to encourage families to interact and play together.

Parents As Teachers provides the information, support and encouragement parents need to help their children develop optimally during the crucial early years of life. The program serves Oakland County families with children birth through 6 years old looking to increase knowledge in parenting skills and child development. Parents As Teachers is available through funding from Oakland Schools and The Children's Trust Fund. For more information, contact our Early Childhood Service Specialist at (248) 858-7766 ext. 1209 or via email at elee@ofsfamily.org.

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