Oakland Family Services works hard to ensure that some of the most vulnerable and at-risk children in our community have safe and loving homes through our foster care and adoption programs. We also offer prevention programs that nurture healthy parent-child relationships, address developmental delays and help young children grow up healthy, safe and ready to learn. These programs also reduce the chance of child abuse and neglect when risk is present.



At Oakland Family Services, children are provided with the necessary skills for a successful school experience. This is achieved through social, intellectual, physical and emotional development. Through our early childhood education and care programs, children enjoy a developmentally appropriate learning environment with consistent and secure daily experiences that promote independent thinking, decision-making and problem solving. Parents and caregivers, meanwhile, gain access to key educational information on brain development, child development and parental engagement.

Parents not only learn from our child specialists how to interact with their children but receive encouragement as they become consistent and nurturing, and their children thrive. Come join us and experience how our culturally sensitive programs enhance parenting skills, strengthen family relationships and help children enter school ready to succeed.


Oakland Family Services offers the best of modern, research-based care to help people get back on a path to a brighter future. Our counseling services provide people with the skills to overcome mental health challenges, such as depression, anxiety and addiction. For teens with serious emotional disturbances, we teach skills that help manage emotions so they can achieve their goals at home, at school and with friends. Therapeutic treatment is offered to children and adults as individuals and in family groups to overcome their problems. The goal is to plan and carry out treatment that increases the ability to function and improves relationships at home, work, and school and in other activities of daily life.


“The staff is passionate about working with children.”



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